* Bio *

Detourious was born in May of 2015 when decades of musical and artistic preparation collided amongst close friends. This diverse improvisational trio expresses characteristics from Bluegrass, Jam, Electronica and Psychedelia to form a unique sound unlike any other.  These experienced performers believe the risk and reward of improvisation is the key ingredient to an unforgettable live music experience. Each space and audience creates its own special and irreplaceable Detourious show.

* Music Samples *

The following music selections are from live performances. Here we provide a glimpse of our creative diversity by highlighting selections from our shows. This audio is delivered as .mp3 files and was recorded with a room mic so the audio quality may vary due to of mic location.

Slices of Detourious

  • The Frequency (6:09)
  • Waypoint Public House (9:14)
  • The Busted Lift (3:49)
  • Waypoint Public House (9:55)
  • Up North Bar (6:28)
  • SuperCharge Foods (4:46)
  • The Brink Lounge (with musical guests) (7:16)
  • Here are all 7 Live Slices assembled together in one file (47:39)

* Full Set Samples *

Detourious take it’s listeners on mystical musical journeys which flow and transform naturally. Experiencing an entire Detourious set best demonstrates this. The following are examples of shorter yet complete Detourious sets.

Detourious Sets

  • Harmony Bar (Music Venue) (24:02)
  • Crossroads Coffeehouse (Intimate Space) (16:20)